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How it Works

I work with both struggling students and advanced students who are interested in taking their mathematical knowledge to the next level. 


I meet with most students once to twice a week. We follow the syllabus of the course that they are taking.  We prepare for exams and I do help with homework, but I don't do the homework for the student. There are many tutor services that are much cheaper that will gladly do homework for students. My students excel because they understand and learn the material.

The right fit between tutor and tutee is very important. 


Just as it's important for the student to feel comfortable and want to work with me, it's also important that I feel comfortable and want to work with the student. I understand that often, when a student is struggling with math, they might not feel good about doing math outside of school. I work with the student to lessen their fear of math and increase their comfort level with it. This is a process and I understand it's not immediate. I do not, however, ever accept profanity from a student, either directed at me, or not. Of course, sometimes curse words slip out, but if it happens frequently, I end the tutoring.  

Sessions start on the hour.  


Sessions don't run over time because either I have another student scheduled for the next slot or I have my own life to lead.  Repeated latenesses would cause me to end the tutoring. 


"For the things of this world cannot be made known without a knowledge of mathematics."


Sessions are 50 minutes and are $80 per session.

The first session is half price ($40) to see if the fit between the student and myself is a good one.  Payments are made through this website by PayPal.  If we decide to proceed, I accept payment in groups of 4, so payments are made to PayPal at $320 at a time (except for the first $40 session payment).  

If cancellation of a scheduled session is made within 24 hours of the scheduled session, we reschedule at a mutually agreeable time within one week (7 days).  If we can't reschedule within one week, the payment for the missed session is forfeited. If cancellation is less than 24 hours, the payment for that session is forfeited.  

If, for any reason, the student or I decide to end the tutoring sessions with sessions remaining from the last PayPal payment, I will promptly refund the remaining payments. ​

Existing Clients

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