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About the Tutor

I've been tutoring online and teaching high school mathematics since 2007.  


Although tutoring has always been been important for both struggling students and advanced students, changes in society, personal technology and schools have increased the necessity for math tutoring.

I work with the student to develop their knowledge, ability and confidence with math to perform in class and on standardized tests.


I don't work with students that are only interested in last-minute homework help or cramming for a test. These are extremely short term band-aids and point to an issue, rather than the solution, to long term success with math.


I teach during the day (except summers) so I'm limited to evening hours at the current time.  Please read through the "How It Works" and "Fees" pages to see if the fit between myself, you, and the student is right.


Subjects I Tutor

All middle and high school math subjects plus SAT and ACT preparation.

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